Wednesday, November 12, 2008


New seasons in life comes with lots of changes. Lots of changes holds the hand of mindsets. Mindsets are linked to ways of life. Ways of life will naturally change when you decide to hold the hand of another person and walk beside them for the rest of your life.

I've decided that I like change. Although its not always the easiest thing, I like that it keeps me on my toes. Not the kind of toes as in "tip-toe around the issues" that come up, but the kind of toes that leads you to a new adventure... the kind that you never know what will happen next. Thats what I want my life to be. An adventure.

Growing up with one way of thinking about the issue and then having to come at it from a different angle is something that i'm coming to be more excited about. At first it was difficult, but now its enjoyable. I don't feel so limited in what I can and cannot think about as a right or wrong way of doing life. I'm learning to compromise in the good way. I like it.

I've always been ok with compromising,and its something we all have to do at various times, but this time its so much more fun. I love getting to have deep convorsations with my best friend and talk about how we want OUR life to be lived together. Where WE stand together on things, not just "I" anymore. I feel good.


Christina said...

I like this blog a lot! your thoughts are so poetic! i love what you're learning about marriage already :) keep those thoughts coming!!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Christina... its crazy how much you have to learn, or re-learn! SO fun, but stretching. Its good for the soul :)