Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas... & Invitation Update!

Mery Christmas and almost Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe how fast December has flown by.... at this moment, there are 173 days left until the big wedding day! I am looking at my January calendar right now, and on the 31st, there will only be 140 days left! I can't wait til the end of January. 140 days seems like not a lot!

I had a great Christmas celebration this year. On Christmas Eve, all the Bauman side came over to my parents house to celebrate, always good to catch up with family. My cousin Katie is also getting married (one month after me) so it was so great to talk about everything and share ideas. Christmas Day morning we had christmas with my mom, dad, brother, and Dustin. We opened gifts after breakfast. My parents got us matching beach towels for our honeymoon! So cute! Later that afternoon we went to my aunt and uncles house for the Haar christmas, which is ALWAYS a good time. THEN, we went to Dustin's house for the May christmas. That was also fun! I have to admit that I am glad Christmas is over now though.

The day after Christmas, mom and I went to Epitome Papers at the Galleria in Edina to look for invitations. I THINK WE FINALLY FOUND SOME! A very wonderful lady named Jana helped us look through about 20 books! I cannot believe how many beautiful (and expensive) invitations there are to choose from! We finally found something that will work for us though. Its a really nice thick invitation that is letterpessed, so it looks super elegant! Its going to be simple, but it has a french print envelope liner which makes it super awesome. The letters are going to be navy, with a dark grey/black envelope liner. It looks awesome!

I also got the save the dates in the mail (which also turned out awesome!) so i'm jsut waiting to get all the addresses from the guest list so we can send them out! Yay! I am so close to checking off more things on my giant list!


Rachel said...

sounds like a busy but fun Christmas season. i saw you and Dustin sitting with the pastor in the front this last Sunday. i guess you got there early this week...i'm still pulling in a little late. ;)

Rachel said...

i meant pastors...plural.

Lindsay said...

ha, no actually we got to church late! oops :)