Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another House Update...... :-(

Well, today we had the inspection. I was so excited for it originally, but it did not end up so good. It turns out there is a LOT of hidden things wrong with the house, including water problems, a wall that is bulging outwards (actually 2 of them...), electrical issues, and a lot more small things that total up to about $30,000 extra.

I left the inspection wanting to cry basically. Not gunna lie, I did a little when I got home. We have been waiting on this house since February, and now we are pretty sure we are going to walk away from it all because the problems just outweigh the resources and time that we don't have. I feel like we just wasted so much valuable time. I have no idea where we are going to live now... I REALLY don't want to have to rent an apartment and then possibly move a month later because we found a house and then move all over again.

I know there is a reason for all of this that I will see down the road one day, but until then, all I can see is our wedding day quickly approaching and no place to live yet(other than one of our parents which is NOT NOT NOT going to happen even though they both keep offering!)

I feel like God is trying to teach me quite a lot this year... I am a bit tired of learning to be honest, I am thinking I would really like a recess brake right now! Please pray for something good to come through!! Please!!


Christina said...

Oh Lindsay!!! I'm so sorry!!! What a disappointment! I can't help but smile at your heart and attitude still as you goes thru this! Wow! What an incredibly teachable heart and spirit you have! And not to mention a good sense of humor to want a "recess break" :) completely valid and understandable! Sometimes it would be nice to get a glimpse at God's bigger picture... but that's where faith and trust, perseverance and character come in... you are a BEAUTIFUL example of how God delights in our raw honesty and utter dependence upon Him!! His love for you is more than you could ever comprehend!! I'll be praying!!

Totman said...

Lindsay - I'm sorry to hear about the bad inspection. At church today the message talked about God having a bigger plan for our lives than what we can see at the time. They talked about Esther and that it was hard for her to see everything that she was meant to do (save the Jews!) at the time, but she trusted God and He manufactured a plan. I know it is hard to have all of this happen at once, but you will get through it and someday you'll look back and see what his perfect plan was.

I'm praying for you!