Friday, November 6, 2009

jail BIRD!

Its been a long while since i've blogged. My PowerBook G4 passed away two weeks (may she rest in peace...) after a long life. A very long and FULL life! Now i've got a new baby! I am the proud owner of a MacBook Pro! I am just learning about all the cool new things this thing can do.

So what am I doing this nice Friday night? Well i'm sitting on our couch curled up next to my wonderful husband, watching the second season of LOST that I bought in China. So far the discs are working pretty good. Oh, well, I am also blogging :-) I am fighting the urge to just go to bed, I am so tired.

I've been thinking about how our first year of marriage is so important and how we are making all kinds of fun memories together. I am going to try to write them all down so that we can look back at all the crazy things we went through. I'm sure you've heard of our exploding toilet story... well now we have a chimney story!

Yesterday I heard a loud commotion coming from somewhere in the house that sounded like a pair of jeans clanking around in a clothes dryer. I followed the sound to our lower level... and thats when I noticed that our chimney pipes were shaking and soot was coming lose and getting everywhere! There were lots of SCRATCHING noises coming from in the pipe!! I was so freaked out it would be a squirrel ( I hate squirrels and am slightly freaked out by them... but thats a different story)

I stayed long enough to watch to see what would happen... sure enough, I watched as the movement in the pipes came closer and closer to the actual stove fireplace. "Thump!" I heard a soft thud, and a cloud of smoke leak out from the crevices in the stove. It had reached the bottom! Thank God the door was shut and locked. I peered through the smudgy, sooty glass and I saw a bird!! It was sticking its little beak right up next to my face at the window!

I waited until Dustin got home so he could get it out, it kept trying to fly around in the little stove. The mysterious part is that by the time we figured out a strategy to get it out, the bird was nowhere to be found! I just cant figure out how a bird that had so much trouble getting INTO the dark fireplace would suddenly be able to get up and fly out.... hummm... verrryyy interesting if you ask me.

Hopefully the next time we have a fire in the stove we won't have a roasted bird :-)

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