Monday, March 8, 2010


Tonight I find myself longing for more.  Not more things.  More LIFE in every sense of the word.  Stuff will never fulfill any want or need in my life.  I know I am meant for more.  There is a light that leads me on as i'm guided through this life. 

I'm hungry, but not for food.  In my weakness is when I find my true strength.  I'm just holding on! Did you know we are meant for more? It is such a relief to know there is already a plan for my life. Do you know what yours is? Am I walking mine each day? Are you?


Christa Ann said...

That is soo funny that you wrote this blog. Keegan and I were talking about this yesterday. God has such big plans for our lives. As you search out and discover what God has for your life, it will only amaze you! He uses us in ways we never dream of!1

Rachel said...

I am in these moments a lot now too!! I'd love to hear what the Lord is talking to you about and teaching you. Just thinking my life is so much bigger than this moment but I need to be excited and prepare myself for it. Yet not loose sight of the present as it is my preparation period for those future things.