Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello! It's Me Again!


Jamie Willow said...

so nice to see you!

i personally LOVE white trim...I think it looks so great...hopefully you like it when you are finished :)

Lindsay said...

I like white too, but the rest of our house has dark trim, including some exposed beams which I LOVE, so I feel like I should be consistant.

Christina said...

awww!!! so great to listen to this blog :) i love what you said about your first year of marriage! everyone is different, and i think you two got to enjoy many of the generational blessings!! you didn't have to work through a ton of junk like many people have to in their first year... you are fully enjoying the blessing of walking in obedience and faithfulness!! plus, you both have very easy-going personalities and are very aware and agreeable, all are proven qualities for successful relationships... makes it more difficult if those thing aren't there ;) i can't believe it's been over 1 year for you guys, how time flies!! dont' worry about not getting to the craft room, life has it's priorities!! i like the fact you painted it yellow! so bright and cheery :) i had a yellow room and loved it!! and i do like white trim, i think it's ok to do in a room, as long as its consistent in the room, right? well, it definitely flows better with the yellow color!