Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Found a dress!

I am in the midst of some hard core wedding planning right now. The Knot (http://www.theknot.com/) tells me that I have exactly 7 months and 30 days left to get everything completed and set before I am allowed to walk down that isle! Woo-hoo!

Somehow 7 months and 30 days sounds so much better than the exactly 8 months it was yesterday. Funny how that works in my mind. As the title of this blog indicates, I found THE wedding dress I will be wearing on June 20th, 2009!!! I'd love to describe in detail how much I love every part of it, but I just should not for fear it will get back to Dustin. All he knows is what I have told him... hot pink poof with leopard print accents ;) Its a good thing he plays along with me.

I found it at Rush's Bridal, which happens to be the place my mom found her wedding dress 30 years ago! I think thats pretty cool, and I think she loves that too. I just have to make it downtown Mpls now to get sized and place the actual order!! Everything seems so much more real to me now. Love it.

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Christina said...

yeah!!! I'm soo glad you found your dress, even if it is poofy and pink withe leopard accents, haha ;) Rush's is so great! I am looking forward to following your wedding planning on your blog :)