Wednesday, October 22, 2008

7 Months, 29 Days to Go!

I realize that its only been one day since yesterday, but i'm just that much closer to marrying Dustin! I havent gotten much accomplished (or so it feels) this week, but yesterday I emailed my dad and Dustin our compiled guest list that I organized in Excel. I like lists. A lot. Now we have the hard task of deciding who we can invite out of all the 722 people that were named... crazy. Our families have no shortage of friends! That is for sure!

Oh, and I've been trying to plan ahead so I can be organized and know what I/we want for registering... I picked out the China pattern that I love! Its at Macy's. Its the only thing I have seen that I actually like (besides the zebra print Kate Spade set... but I don't think Dustin would go for that). Anyways, I decided that I love the Mikasa "Coture Platinum" collection!! Its so different but still classy.

I cant wait to have a house and throw dinner parties just like Christina Strot ;) I don't know what kind of flatware to register for yet. Still looking into that. AND I realize I won't actually register until March probably, but it can't hurt to be prepared!


Christina said...

haha! oh i can't wait to come to your dinner parties with that China!! looks beautiful!! you will have a real home soon, with your husband, how exciting!

Lindsay said...

OK, so I showed Dustin this pattern in Macys, and he thought it was boring :( He liked the square-ness of it, but he actually wants to have a pattern on it. We will see what actually happens tho... But I AM glad he has some opinions... a lot of guys just dont have a clue :)