Monday, October 27, 2008

My Grandpa and Grandma B

On Saturday, Dustin and I drove to Kerkhoven, MN to visit my Grandpa and Grandma Bauman. I love them so much. My grandpa has to be the most internet-savy 89 year old... I get emails from him and grandma all of the time.
We pulled up to their house, white stucco with red trimming looming before us, we walked the pavement between the shrubs, past the pond, and a slight right brings you to their front steps. Its a familiar walk filled with memories. As a little girl I loved to look for the giant goldfish in grandpa's pond... in fact I loved the pond and fish so much that one time I decided to feed them the entire jar of fish food in one sitting... grandpa wasn't too pleased with that ;)

Anyways, we walked in the door and grandma and grandpa were there right away to greet us with warm smiles.... and the deliciously mouth watering scent of dinner cooking just for us in the kitchen. Grandma always says that her food is "just plain food... nothing special," but she doesnt know that she is her own secret ingrediant. Its always a treat.

After warm hugs and hellos, we went straight to a game or two (or 3) of Dominoes... girls against guys. The guys won almost EVERY TIME. Each game, Grandpa starts out saying how he has a bad hand of dominoes and that he doesnt know how its going to turn out, but he ALWAYS ends up going out before anyone else. Its an art.

Over dinner we talked about what their own wedding back in the 40s was like. Grandma had two bridesmaids, her sister, and Grandpa's sister. Grandpa had two groomsmen, grandma's brother, and his brother. They were married in a small church, and then had a big tent set up in Grandma's parents yard for a reception afterwards. Their colors were a combination of pastel pink and blue. It was great to get a glimpse of what their wedding was like as I am planning my own. I love my grandparents, I am so blessed to have such a great heritage from them!

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