Friday, October 24, 2008

A Mess of Thoughts

I'm so glad its friday today. There is no one at my office this week so I havent really been able to talk out loud to anyone... I need to get my words out! Last night Dustin brought me flowers to try and make me feel better... he put a huge smile on my face! I love that he brings me flowers when I am sick. Then he took me out to eat at Jade Island for dinner since there was basically no food at my house.

Jade Island is becoming our favorite dine-in chinese place. Every time we go there Dustin tries to have some sort of Chinese communication with our server... the lady who wears cute red glasses. I love hot and sour sup, its probably my most favorite soup. I need to learn how to make that. One day! Probably when I have my own kitchen and mom won't feel like she has to make sure i'm not making a mess. Oh I cant wait for that blessed day to have my own place and live with my best friend!

I'm also thinking about our guest list.... how are we going to wind it down?? I'm scared that if we invite more ppl than we actually can afford to show up, we will end up with too many people and my parents will have to pay for what we did not budget. I think this is the most stressful part of wedding planning for me. I'm really glad I am the only girl in my family... all this kindof makes me only want to have little boys when its time for me and Dustin to have kids! My parents have been so wonderful though, they have never really complained about spending so much all for our wedding. I'm blessed.


O My Blog! said...

God will take care of your wedding expenses, things will just work out. Don't sweat it, you'll be ok.

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Christina said...

oh Dustin, what a man! He is just so sweet to you! He sets the bar high for other men to live up to! he should teach a course to those high school/college boys that are still becoming a man!