Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Best Man Tradition

OK, so I can't take credit for this post, I found it on another wedding related blog, but I thought it was interesting and I wanted to add it to my collection of wedding related things.
"Some of our most sacred wedding traditions had very strange beginnings. I have been having fun reading up on the history of the best man, bridesmaids, white gowns, veils and more. I am going to share some of the stories with you in the next few weeks. I think you will find them funny!
So where did the tradition of the best man come from? He was supposed to protect the groom from angry parents. Once upon a time, some grooms took their brides by force to the alter. Can you imagine? The “best” in best man referred to the man’s skill with weapons. The groom would certainly want to have the most talented swordsman with him during his quest for his bride.
The best man stood guard next to the groom all the way through the vows and even outside the bedroom door on the wedding night in case the new bride tried to escape.
And you though planning a killer bachelor party was hard!"

I am so glad that Dustin isnt forcing me to marry him! haha. And i'm so glad that our parents get along and no one is upset about our wedding! This story reminds me of The Princess Bride. Which makes me want to watch that movie now....

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