Monday, November 3, 2008

Check, Check, Check!

I had a productive wedding weekend! On Saturday, me, mom, Amber, Alanna, and Brie went to Rush's Bridal again to order my wedding dress (check), pick out and order my veil (check), and to start looking for a bridesmaid dress for the girls. I wasnt sure if we would come close to coming to a decision, but we found one pretty much right away (check!).

Here is a link to see what the dress looks like, the default color is brown, but we are ordering them in navy. I'm so excited because Amber and Brie and also Alanna seemed to love the dress... its definately one they will be able to wear again... they said so themselves! The great thing about the dress is that it is so cheap! Its only $110, which makes me feel great because now I feel better about having them all get matching shoes as well. Now i'm on a mission to find awesome shoes to go with the dress. We are thinking it would be cute to have pink shoes to make it fun and to match the flowers.

Last night we also made progress on the guest list narrowing it down bit by bit. I think we are in the finalizing stage! I also finally got my wedding packet from Cedar Valley Church, so that will be helpful and now I will be able to stop bugging Cora with all of my questions and go to the wedding coordinator instead :)

AND, Dustin and I started to look for tuxs as well! He is very very picky when it comes to this... I was worried for a while. He refuses to wear black (which is fine with me because I prefer gray to go with the dresses and because its an afternoon wedding. Here is the only one we can find so far that Dustin got excited about:
I personally think its really cool looking and different, which is what Dustin wants. I'm not crazy about the more striped looking pants, but i'm sure we can work with that. I'm guessing we will be using the Mens Warehouse Tux department as our vendor for this because the Savii place we visited on Sunday was not up to par according to Dustin.

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Christina said...

love the bridesmaid dresses, and i was thinking pink shoes before i read what you were going to do! yes, perfect!! i couldn't see the photo of the suit though, i'll check back later! i wish i could be your wedding planner ;) haha!