Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Things: Cake, Ring, God's Protection

First, let me update you with my experience at the bakery yesterday. I LOVED it. Amy was so cool, way laid back and passionate about her own "small town" type business. She was so great to talk to and made me feel like any of my ideas were possible. She is the one who makes all of the wedding cakes and delivers them personally, AND sets them up and finalizes them on site! Not to mention they tasted divine and was about half the price as Byerlys!!

I think i'll be going with a white cake with a layer of hazlenut gourmet filling iced with almond accent buttercream frosting! As Rachel Ray says, "Yumm-0"! She advised me against a 6 layer cake because it would be extremely heavy and difficult to balance. Thats ok, a 5 layer cake is fine with me :) Next step is to call her back and send her a $35 refundable deposit to hold June 20th open!

Next topic. Last night after church I helped Dustin clean his room. We cleaned and then we re-arranged everything. He told me to just jump in and start organizing things (which would drive me nuts... I have to organize my things myself so I know how they are organized) so I did. In the process, I kept finding things that he was working on for me that I didnt know about (oops!) some bottles for a spice rack he might build, and a cute "hottie" hot pink magnet that he was going to make something out of. It became funny after a while because I kept finding everything, but I still felt bad.

THEN, I saw the Princess Jewlers bag. Thats the store he got my engagement ring from. It came as a set, but he wouldnt let me see the band "until I got it all resized and soldered together." WELL, I sorta saw the band last night too! He finally gave in and let me see it :) I tried it on and WOW its a lot of sparkle! It is similar to the band on my engagement ring, white gold with 12 diamonds across, accept for the band has 14 diamonds across it! It looked SO good on my finger! Now I can't wait to get it all fitted together so I can wear it!!

Next topic. Every morning when I wake up, Dustin calls me and we pray for eachother's day over the phone. This has been going on since pretty much the first week we started dating. One of the things we always pray for eachother is for God to protect us as we go throughout the day. I know that God heard that prayer today! On my way to work on 35E headed north ribht after Hwy 13, I noticed a string of cars ahead of me slam on their breaks. Each car slid into the one in front of it, ending with the car in front of me. I had to slam on my breaks too, but I know God prevented my car from adding to the pile up, and saved me a lot of money so I don't have to get anything fixed! God is good.


Rachel said...

Wow!! Glad you stayed safe...and the cake sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to see everything come together, which I am sure you are too. Let me know if I can ever help you with anything.

Jamie Willow said...

glad you are okay!

Lindsay said...

thanks! me too! and Rach- i'll let you know! I'm envisioning a girlie night in the near future... chick flicks and maybe some do-it-yourself type projects... :)

Natalie said...

So glad you are okay! And how funny to keep finding little projects in his room. :)