Friday, November 21, 2008

Small Progress

First, i'm really excited to go to the holiday tea tonight at my church! I got to see a sneek peek of it last night and it looks great! I have my outfit picked out and ready to change into when I get home!

Yesterday I called my caterer and made a tenative appointment on Monday, December first to meet at the church and see what size chair cover works well on our chairs for the atrium. Then we are going to go to another vendor showroom to look at china and dinner type utensils. I am really excited for that. I'll take a 1/2 day off of work. I also tried calling the bakery yesterday to order my cake, but Amy wasn't in, so I need to try to call back again. Just havent gotten around to doing that yet. Side note: I am FREEZING right now... my fingers look purplish :( sad. I just really want to cross "order the cake" off of my huge list.

I also got an email from my photographer today saying that its taken her a bit longer to edit all of our photos (do I really look that bad? ha). I know she is staying very busy with work, so I can understand. She said we should have all of them by Thanksgiving. That would be great so then I could show Brent while he is here from California. I just really am excited to see the rest of the pictures!

Another task that is just hanging over my head is the dumb guest list. I STILL havent gotten it down to the size that I want it to be. I feel safe sending out about 500 or so invitations, because not everyone will come. They say between 1/4 and 1/3 of ppl you invite RSVP as no, and then another 10% of people who say they will come ditch out on the event in the end. I just need to get that done. Then I can send out the save the dates. Which I still havent picked out or figured out. Maybe thats another project for this weekend.

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Natalie said...

Wonder what all you managed to get accomplished.. sounded like quite the list for one weekend!