Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flowers & Invitations

Today I have an apointment with the florist at 1:30pm. If I havent mentioned it before, were using Richfield Floral and Events... I have a link in my other post that talks about flowers if you are interested. I have been re-thinking my bouqet.... I kindof want white roses with pink dusting on the top, and maybe some hydrangas or peonies to accompany the roses. Something small still, but just add character to it. The pictures above are more pink, but I really liked the pictures still.

I'll ask David (the florist) and see what he thinks. I have to go to the appointment by myself this time, my mom is traveling with my dad on business....AGAIN. I just like having someone else with me for affirmation and because its fun. Oh well.

I got the samples of invitations that I requested yesterday in the mail! The ones from finestationary.com. After looking at them, I like the one pictured on the lower right the best. I can change the font and monogram look, so thats good. The one pictured is a bit "harsh" looking to me, whatever that means. Now I just need to show my mom when she gets home and see what she thinks. I also need to see if Dustin's list is cut anymore, and then we can order the number we need.


Krista said...

I like the pics of bouquet! Very pretty. I like your idea of white flowers with a dusting of pink!!

p.s. I hope you got home ok after Lifetime this afternoon in the icky weather!

Christina said...

I like both very much! i think i like the second one a little more, more simple, yet elegant!! you're doing a great job!! wish i could be there to give input!!