Friday, December 12, 2008

Off To Print...and Christmas Shop!

I ordered the save the date postcards, I chose the first design. I think it turned out nice, now I just want to see how it looks on a printed card! Can't wait. It should be here in about 10-14 days or so.

Tonight Dustin and I are going Christmas shopping here at the Rosedale Mall.... getting gifts for the families and also for us. My grandparents gave us each some money to spend and then wrap it up and open in front of them on Christmas Eve :-) They are so cute.

Dustin said he wants to pick out some new board shorts for the honeymoon.... I want a new suit too, but I 'm not going to show it to my grandparents and entire family! Ha! I'll probably pick out a sweater like usual. I love sweaters. Its a good thing today is payday!

Later tonight the plan is to RELAX and watch a movie or something. I am in the mood to watch Home Alone. Its been a while since i've seen that one!

PS. 190 days to go!

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