Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DIY Projects, 4 Months & 30 Days To Go!

Well I am back and am beginning to feel more wedding pressure! As of today, I have 4 months and 30 days to complete all of my wedding tasks... and then I will officially be Mrs. May! That day is officially 150 days away. Next Saturday it will be 140 days away... for some reason that seems like a lot smaller number than 150.

Anyways, I thought i'd fill you in on what my mind has been absorbed with lately:

1. I want to make a "present" card box. I've seen many d-i-y tutorials where you buy three boxes, paint or decorate how you want them, stack them, cut them so they line up, and make an insert at the top where people can drop their cards. I have some ideas for it, so I just need time to get the supplies and start being crafty

2. Make table numbers... right now my vision is to have wooden numbers that i will paint that can "stand up" on the table... I need to do more investigating

3. Buy an aisle runner and hand paint a custom monogram on it... i'm just thinking something simple with our names and the date. I made one for my cousin's wedding a couple years ago, so i'm ready to try it again

4. Order LOTS of candles from They have AMAZING deals on candles there... my plan is to have a ton of them in the background for the ceremony. I think it will create a romantic glow

5. Find our initials in wooden letters to put on the doors to the sanctuary somehow... sort of like the picture I posted at the beginning of this blog

6. Find shoes to wear before my first fitting (my dress still is not in yet... but its scheduled to arrive in March). I am sorta in love with this j.crew shoe... I really don't want to wear white shoes and I am in love with this blue color! They are more $$ than I would like to spend though, but we'll see!
7. Last but not least I NEED to order wedding invitations! I should have listed that first probably... This weekend Dustin & I are going to address all of our save the date post cards and get them mailed out! We finally have all the addresses (I think...) Actually, now that I think about it I KNOW I have several to confirm :-( You may be getting a call from me on Friday night!


Rachel said...

Linds, let me know if you ever need assistance with anything. I love helping with crafts as long as I don't have to be the creative genius.

Lindsay said...

OK! I just need to get my head thinking about what exactly to do and then i would love your help!!

Christina said...

you are so organized and creative!! i love it ;) it makes me want to be crafty and make something!! i love the idea of blue shoes... that will be your something blue!