Friday, January 16, 2009

I Want a Different Veil...

OK, so i've been thinking a lot about my veil..... the one I ordered is very pretty, however I am realizing that the end of it will hit at the prettiest part of my dress and will create two focal points in pretty much the same area... thats not good.

SO, I emailed my parents (I am still in Mexico) and explained my thoughts, and they are super ok with how I feel.... so that means I have to go back to the bridal shop and try on more veils. I am thinking that I either want a french veil (very short) or else a chapel/cathedral length veil which would extend past the train of my dress. That is my latest thought. If anyone wants to come with me, youre welcome to try on veils with me :)

ALSO, Dustin said he has most of the addresses typed up, so that means I will get the task of writing addresses on the save the date post cards soon! I will feel so much better once they are out in the mail I think.

I am looking forward to getting home tonight at 7:30pm. Hopefully my engagement ring will be waiting for me... it got resized while I was out of the country. I miss all that bling on my finger! I wish I had it sometimes down here.... I could have flashed it at all the guys here who hung around a bit longer than the rest. ha. OH I can't wait to see Dustin again!


Rachel said...

i can't wait to have you back in town too! are you going to greet with us for SHE?

Jamie Willow said...

it's a lot of work hand writing everything but it is a very fun process at the same time. I helped my sister in law Ashley do it once upon a time and I did it all for myself. If I lived near by I would volunteer to help you. Hope you enjoy it!