Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm in Mexico!

I'm here at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, MX. Its so beautiful here! I havent been outside much at all because I am here for work. However, I see a lot of honeymooners enjoying the beach through my windows and it makes me jealous!

Everything is going well so far... my room is so cool! It has a jacuzzi in it, right by the sliding door to the balcony with a hammock. It really makes me miss Dustin though. I got to talk to him a bit tonight, I get free calls to the USA from my hotel room, so we talked about an hour... we had to do our "Before You Say I DO" assignment about our expectations over the phone. It was good to talk. Its hard being in a location geared towards couples when the one I love isnt here with me!

Last night my roommate Casey and I fell asleep to the sound of ocean waves... well, the recording of waves anyways :) I have a CD on my iPod that has all kinds of nature sounds. Our hotel room has an iHome on our nightstand, so I just plugged my iPod in and let the ocean lull me to sleep!

Speaking of sleep... i'm tired. I've been running around all day and my feet are killing me! Its hot, humid, and very green. Such a nice change from Minnesota winters! I'm ready for bed. Good night!


Rachel said...

I'm a little jealous. I'm sure Dustin told you, but it is stinking COLD here. Around 30 below. Enjoy the warmth while you have it!!

Christina said...

oooh! that sounds wonderful! at least when you look at those honeymooners you know your time is coming soon!! how many days?? and it's all a surprise!! i'm excited to know where he's taking you! well enjoy your time "working" soak up as much sun as you can :)