Thursday, March 19, 2009

House UPdate

So sorry that I havent written in a while... I have been overwhelmed with sending out resumes and job searching every minute I am on the internet. Please pray that something comes together soon (and that God's timing is soon ;-) I havent heard anything back from any employers at this point and it is pretty discouraging right now.

BUT, I wanted to share that the house that Dustin and I want was listed on the market today and we submitted an offer... please pray that the bank accepts our offer and that the turnaround time is quick! Its all a little scary but still exciting. I know that God will work it all out for us, I am having to 100% trust God that its all in his control.

I just read the book The Shack and it spoke directly to my heart for this time in my life. I would highly recommend it to ANYONE! Christina- thanks for recommending it to me!

Oh, and I keep checking our wedding registry, someone bought us a waffle maker!!! I am so excited about that!!! I love waffles!


Christina said...

Oooh yeah!!! I'm so glad you read it, that was so fast too! Wow! I'm glad to hear about the house and anxious to hear about a job for you!! You are so silly to check your registry ;) no surprises there, haha!!i guess the surprise is who got you what!oooh i'll be praying still! love :)

Rachel said...

Great reading!! I'm planning to start in April when I don't have as much homework. I'm really looking forward to it because so many people have recommended it. Hope things work out with the house!! You could use some good news!