Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun Days... Making Progress...

Believe it or not, i'm starting to pack for the honeymoon :-) Actually, its just that I left my suitcase in my room from my January trip to Cancun and just haven't put it away. SO, I started going through my summery clothes and started picking ones out and putting them inside the suitcase so I know generally what I will be bringing and what I need to buy still.

I've gotten a few new things, like some cute tops and shorts my mom bought for me (love her!), and I got a new swimsuit and tan shorter skirt to wear when walking around town or wherever were going. I also picked out a lotion/shower gel/body splash set from Bath and Body Works and have that in there as well. There are still a few more things i'd like to get... like some cute sundresses and maybe another suit and some new flip flops (the real good squishy ones from J.Crew!)

I just had some breakfast on this lovely Saturday morning and i'm about to meet Dustin at the gym for a workout. Then I might go tanning again... then mom and I are getting mani-pedi's... she scheduled it on her own for the two of us for my first shower this coming Sunday!! I can't wait for tomorrow! Although i've got to admit that opening presents in front of people is not my favorite thing; im always worried they will think i'm not excited enough or something. I am really just excited to see my family again and celebrate with them.

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Christina said...

woohoooooo! honeymoon!!! hmmm... wonder where he's taking you??? so cute how he's surprising you until the moment you go to the ticket counter!!

never too early to pack... especially for the honeymoon!