Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Shower Next Week!

We are getting closer and closer to the wedding! I can't believe I have my first shower next week already. My wonderful aunts and cousins are throwing me a family shower for my dad's side. It will be so good to see everyone before the wedding and catch up with people. Mom and I need to go shower outfit shopping again....

I found a pink dress from J.Crew and a gray one from the same place... I'm thinking the pink dress might be for the church shower in May, and the gray dress might just be for the rehearsal. The pink one poofs out a teeny bit, so I was worried that Dustin might think its weird, but I tried it on for him and he liked it a lot! Good to go! Now I just need to find shoes and jewelry to match for both! Let me know if you have any ideas. Here is a picture of one of the dresses... although the one that I got is a lighter pink than this... the color didn't show up online, it must be sold out. Send me jewelry and shoe ideas!!! I can't find a picture of the gray dress. Maybe it will show up later.

I also got the wedding picture of Dustin's parents and grandparents to go on our heritage table...just something fun for people to look at and help keep people entertained during the punch time. I think it will be really cute!

I need to stop eating my Easter candy (yes, i still get an Easter basket every year from my parents... it will stop once Dustin & I have kids... after a few years anyways). I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 7:00AM... ewww.

Good Night!


Rachel said...

i got your invite today!! i'm very excited. plus i'm looking forward to the May shower cuz i've got something special for you!

Lindsay said...

you do?? yay! If it's bachelorette related, save it for june 6! haha.