Sunday, May 31, 2009

20 Days!

It has been a while since i've posted... i've been pretty busy actually. Here are some little things i've done for the big day:
  1. put together the day of wedding timeline (its crazy!) I'll be getting there at 8am!
  2. found gel shoe inserts so my feet don't slip around in my slightly too big shoes
  3. got a new swimsuit to wear to my bachelorette party (although I just looked at the weather and it looks chilly)
  4. got the bridesmaid dress situation figured out!
  5. got semi tall white flip flops to wear when i don't want to wear my heels at the wedding
  6. found a unity candle
  7. got our marriage license
OK, so it felt like I did a lot more than 7 things.... but here are the things I STILL need to do:
  1. finish thank-you notes for the random gifts i've been getting here and there
  2. put the gel inserts IN my shoes...
  3. make individual task lists for my wedding day helpers!
  4. update Richfield Flowers with the extra piece of fabric we need to rent
  5. find shoes for my rehearsal dinner dress
  6. get wedding day makeup
  7. do trial run for hair w/veil
  8. get an oil change
  9. make table numbers
  10. design programs
  11. put favors together.....
I better get a move on all this!


Natalie said...

you go girl ;) It's an endless list, but soon the day will be here.. and nothing else will matter!

Totman said...

Hi Lindsay! I can't wait for Saturday - you will be a beautiful bride! I'm sure you're busy but we need more updates on your blog to see what you are up to these final days :)