Wednesday, June 17, 2009


OK, Sorry I havent posted in a while... i've been feeling guilty when ever I thought I had time to blog because I should be working on wedding stuff. Here are my updates:

  1. Did hair trial, LOVE IT!
  2. Made the Just Married sign for the back of the Model-T and its so cute!
  3. ALMOST done packing for the honeymoon
  4. We closed on our house today, that was actually really fun!
  5. I got a part time job that is AWESOME, I start when I get back from the honeymoon... still working out the details
  6. FINALLY printed off all the table numbers
  7. Almost done with the programs... I am going to send it to Cornerstone Copy Center to take care of the printing details
  8. Sent out very detailed schedules for the bridal party and wedding coordinators
  9. Found Christina to decorate the car on Saturday morning!! Thank you!!
  10. Found 2 books to bring with for beach/airplane reading on the honeymoon
  11. Picked up the 600 candles for the sanctuary
Basically, i've been crazy busy!! Wow. I promise I will do a recap when I return and after I get moved... maybe i'll even include some photos again! Actually, facebook is probably better for that. I can't wait to marry my best friend on Saturday!

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