Friday, May 1, 2009


I can't believe that I am officially getting married next month.... I realize its only May 1st, but still! Next month is June, and I am getting married on the 20th! Mom and I had our final meeting with David at Richfield Floral and Events.... I LOVE David! Everything is going to be so beautiful because of him and his team... he is a creative genius!

I'm TRYING to put the table numbers together, but my printer is being such a pain. First it was like nothing was working right with the paper size, then it seemed the printer wouldnt talk to my computer, and NOW, its out of colored ink. Hopefully I can get something figured out tomorrow.

I am also working on wedding day timelines and responsibilities for people so we all can be prepared and organized that day. AND, my second shower is coming up on Tuesday!!! I cannot wait, I am so excited! I have finally talked Dustin into coming to the shower towards the very end.... he has been practicing his excited face. I think he is scared to be the only male in a group of over 60 women... its going to be crazy!

AND my suitcase for the honeymoon is getting more and more full... I found some swimsuits, flip flops, tank tops, and shorts to pack! I am very excited if you cannot tell... ;) Well, time for bed.

Good Night!

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Maggie Emma Thomas said...

I can't believe you're getting married next month, either! Thanks for the comment, I'm just trying to get myself week from tomorrow!