Tuesday, April 28, 2009

53 Days Away

I can't believe that the wedding is only 53 days away... it is going by so fast right now! I've started to go tanning for the wedding at a tanning salon near my house. I didnt think it was working so well on my back, so the genius that I am decided to lay outside on my deck this afternoon for an hour without sunscreen. As a result of my wonderful plan, I now am the proud owner of a red blotchy monster smothered across my back. Wonderful. Lucky for me, I tend to turn tan after a burn fairly quickly. Better to get this out of the way now though! No honeymoon sunburns for me, thank you!

I also baked yummy chocolate chip banana bread for Dustin tonight too. Normally I prefer my banana bread without the chocolate chips, but I know its his favorite. I also prefer my chocolate chip cookies to be without chocolate chips too though. Anyways, it turned out really good and he loved it. I like cooking for him. I like when we get to cook things together too! Man, I can't wait to marry the guy!

After watching an intense episode of 24 (I officially hate Tony, AND Olivia!), it suddenly hit me that we are getting married big time. I saw myself walking down the aisle with my dad and I started to get emotional. I guess I need to prepare myself a bit more! Dustin doesn't think he will cry or anything on the wedding day. I am about 90% sure that I will be a basket case at some point. Hopefully not in the middle of the ceremony! Oh well, can't control that sort of thing.


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