Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Craft Room Tour :-)

Get a glimpse of my craft room project!


Jamie Willow said...

oooh! you are inspiring me. I need a craft room! mine will be green. not sure what shade but green. my bedroom in my own little home there in mpls was a lovely green.

I hosted at the tea a couple is so fun! enjoy yourself!

Rachel said...

THANKS!!!! for sharing the updated room, especially for me ;) i didn't quite expect a full tour, but progress is impressive! my first thought on color was lavender. you mentioned plum, but i think that might be a little dark and you'd probably want something a little lighter for inspiration. i'd love to help put the room together, so let me know when you're going shopping for organization stuff. i absolutely love offices and organizing them!!

and i am excited to see your purchases from ikea. i have plenty of little items from there too. i just can't get enough. once i buy a place, i'll probably frequent there more than i allow myself right now. well, if you have the day off, you'll probably be going in earlier than myself, but i'll be there around 5:15 if you want to come then. we'll help each other ;)

Rachel said...

oh, and it looked like you sat down to blog after getting home from work. you didn't even take your coat off ;)

Christina said...

ooh it's so fun to see you and your progress on a video! i'm not sure what color to suggest, like Rachel said plum, being darker would make the room appear smaller. maybe you could do one wall plum or chocolate and the others a lighter shade. it's good to put the darker color on a wall that light will reflect off so it lightens it. maybe you could look up the psychology of color to see if any colors enable creativity. i looked for a bit but got various answers. perhaps you will be the best one to decide what color inspires you the most! i think it's different for everyone ;) it will be fun to see what you decide! have fun at the tea, i'm sure your table will be lovely and not just because of the decorations of because of the hospitality and warmth you emanate!

Lindsay said...

oohhh comments! i love comments! Ya I agree about plum probably being too dark. I am just obsessed with that color right now. Rach- I didnt take my coat off because the house was FREEZING. We turn the heat down when we arent home. ha. it always takes a bit for it to heat up. I have heat issues ;-)

green does sound cheery and fun! wow, so many decisions :-)

Christa Ann said...

I love your idea of vlogging soo fun! I might have to try it sometime ;) I think a good color for a home office could be blue or a pale green. Something that you might want to consider is a color that motivates you as well as compliments your furniture, as I am sure you already know:) Can't wait to see the finished product!!