Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm In The Mood....

...for Christmas that is :-) Today our wreath that we ordered arrived! A cute little boyscout came to our door a few months ago with his dad, and we couldn't resist. All this to say... its got me in the mood to decorate!

Last weekend was the Holiday Tea at church. I decorated my table with Christmas ornaments and colorful beads. I basically used what I had on hand at home. I think it turned out pretty good for a first time hosting a tea table!

My plan now is to decorate my house this weekend! We don't have a ton of holiday decor this year, so i've been thinking about what I could find for incredibly cheap, or make myself. I came across the article, DIY Christmas Decorations and thought that the pine cone with ribbon was ADORABLE!

There are plenty of wooded areas around my house where I want to hunt for a bunch of these guys! Just find a 12-inch-long ribbon , form it into a loop, and hot glue to the pine cone's base. Tie another 12-inch-long ribbon into a bow, and hot glue over the ends of the first ribbon. How hard can it be?

You could experiment with the color of the ribbon, or even the color of the pine cones! I bet it would be pretty cool if they were spray painted white, or even silver... depending on the look you are going for I guess!

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