Friday, December 11, 2009


this is video take 2... you don't want to see my first one... ha


Jamie Willow said...

have fun at Mindy's party! you should vlog some of that :)

I laughed at your not knowing how to cook bacon thing. I think I've always known. lol. mostly cause I loved it so much I needed to know from a very young age. :)

Christina said...

it's so fun to see you and hear you, as always! i am humored by your honest admittances about learning to cook and bake ;) it's great fun hearing about your adventures! and so adorable to hear about your quality time with Dustin, love the coziness of it all! Hearing about Mindy's bachelorette reminds me of those things I miss out on being away, but you will have a blast, hopefully Mindy will get a little (pure) crazy and be embarrassed a bit!! who's in charge of it?? enjoy your lovely weekend :)

Lindsay said...

Christina- it was more of a "personal shower" that Shannon threw. Totally PG rated :-) Good food, 2 games, and presents. It was a fun girl time! Love ya!

Rachel said...

sorry, but i laughed at this one. all i could think of was that you and dustin are a cheesy little newlywed couple. but i love it!! can't wait to do those things with my someone someday too. Love you!!