Sunday, December 6, 2009

Filling Our House!

We decided this year for Christmas, we would buy some furniture as our gifts to each other instead of buying clothes, etc. The hub and I went to look for some furniture for our family room again yesterday. It was kindof a random decision, but I am so glad we did! Here is our routine:

1st Stop: HOM Furniture...we check out the clearance section, grab some cookies from their refreshment area (I really wanted to eat a cookie yesterday but didn't have time to make any! hehe)

2nd Stop: Slumberland Outlet in St. Louis Park... wasn't really expecting to find anything, BUT WE DID! I regret to say we did not take any photos of it, But we found a sofa and love-seat in our price range, AND in the style we both liked!! We are getting a fantabulous deal on them!

3rd Stop: Odds and Ends in St. Louis Park. Can I just say AMAZING STORE??? We didnt find anything we liked better as far as couches, but they had some super deals! I found a desk I fell in love with, but as Dustin would say, "we aren't here for desks" I had to move on. I will totally go back to that store in the future

4th Stop: Designer Marketplace. Dumb. Sounded cool, but really, its just $5,000 furniture that is marked down to $3,000. WWAAYYY out of our price range. They did have some cool stuff, but why would you spend that much on something? I'd be afraid to SIT on it for fear dye from my jeans would stick to it!

We are very excited about our couch discovery!! I'll post photos whenever I can get a photo of them. Merry Christmas to Dustin & Lindsay!!

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Christina said...

oooh that sounds like a lovely idea!! And what fun finds in the stores!! You two remind me of the Christmas song, "All I want for Christmas is you" i like how Dustin kept you on track too, he's good for you ;) and you're good for him!