Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Dog Debate

Dustin & I are dog sitting for his parents this weekend.  No more than five minutes after arriving to our house, little Sadi started producing "dingleberries" as she ran in circles in our kitchen.  I don't even know how that is possible... they just started appearing all over the floor, one after another.  Eww.

I am all for dogs (NOT cats).  Dustin and I both grew up with pets in our homes and I always thought I would have a dog.  In fact, lately I have been thinking that maybe we should just go ahead and get a dog now because "it would be so much FUN!" I even narrowed down my choices and compromises to determine that we should get a French Bulldog and name him Pirate. 

Despite all the possible fun to be had with Pirate, I think it is best to stick to our original plan.  I learned that I do NOT in fact want to pick up poop or have to worry about getting a dog smell on our couches... or listen to barking while trying to fall asleep.  (NOTE: Dustin did all the work taking care of her... he picked up poop like a champion!).

I am told that taking care of a dog is a lot like having a kid, you don't care about the poop as much when its your own.  In case you are curious, here is our tentative plan:

1. Get some sort of masters degree (another current debate)
2. Have a kid in about two more years (depending on school)
3. Wait until our kids are old enough to understand what a dog is and until they want one so bad that they will do anything to get one (make them do all sorts of projects and chores)
4. Reward all their hard work with a puppy (Pirate) and then Dustin & I will look like the best parents in the world to them for getting them a dog.

Happy Sunday!

P.S. We are watching Sadi one more night tonight... perhaps i'll take a picture.  She really is a cutie pie.  


Nancy Holte said...

Your plan looks pretty good. I do have to say though that even when the dog was ours, I DID mind picking up the poop, and the vomit (which was more frequent than the poop.) But yes, we did look like the best parents ever, the dog died before they ever left home and now we are dog free. Perfect!

Rachel said...

haha!!! isn't it funny how we change our mind after we have what we wanted for a little while? that's why i babysit because it reminds me that i can wait before its a 24/7 job.