Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today I Feel...

Like blaaahhhhhh. I dislike being sick. I sound like a frog boy. Squeaky squeaky squeaky. I think I have gone through about 75% of my tissue box already in the past 20 hours... I need to re-stock my supplies! I have eaten about 5 clementines in the past 2 hours to try and get "vit-amins and nutrients" as Bear Grylls says in his british accent on Man vs. Wild. I wish I could email him and ask him to create some natural instant fix for me!

Funny thing is that I was sick exactly one year ago too... it lasted for 2 weeks and it was the entire time Dustin was in China. I remember being glad he was gone so I wouldnt scare him away with my puffy red nose and deep man/frog voice and non-stop coughing. I have since learned that he loves to take care of me when I am sick and that he doesnt care what I look like. Good thing, huh! I am going to marry him :)
Ruthanne Mussetter told me last night, "No smoochin when you're sick!" haha. That was my favorite part of the evening. Well, maybe she is right! ha.


Christina said...

haha! I can just imagine Ruthanne saying that to you!! but the question is, is Dustin sick now? Did he risk kissing you?

Lindsay said...

haha, Dustin says, "i'll kiss you no matter what" hah. I originally got sick from him, then he got better, then he got a tiny bit of a cough, now he is fine, and i'm still recovering :( ha. so YES, he did risk kissing me :)