Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, let me first say that I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so glad that I was able to share the holiday with Dustin, Brent, and my family! Brent came in from California, so that was AWESOME! It was so great to be with him and make more memories together.

The day after thanksgiving was a bit different for me. I got rear-ended for the first time. Lets just say I was pretty upset and mad. I was following Dustin, stopped at a red light. A 35 something year old with frizzy bleach blonde hair and bright lipstick (who was smoking and talking on the phone) came SPEEDING up right behind me and hit my car. Its not like slammed on my breaks and she hit me, I was FREAKING STOPPED for crying out loud. I was pretty upset and possibly lost my cool for a few moments. Luckily Dustin saw the whole thing happen from his rear view mirror and took over after he saw me storm out of my car towards the lady who hit me. If you want details, just ask Dustin. He tells the story pretty well.

Luckily there wasnt TOO much damage and no one got hurt. I got an estimate on my bumper and its $500. She WILL pay for it. Trust me. Do you want to know what her excuse was for hitting me? "I was Christmas shopping... you know how it is." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What, was she shopping online while driving, smoking, AND talking on the phone?? WOW. Thats all I can say. I'm just venting, thats all. I've never been hit before, and this is my blog so I can write what I want. I never said she was drunk WHILE driving this time. Just really irresponsible.

On a happier note, while Brent was in town he got fitted for his tux, and Dustin's brother in laws too! I'm adding some pictures so you can get an idea of what it will look like. The tux photo is of the outfit the dads will be wearing... Dustin will have the same grey tux, but with a ivory vest and tie, and groomsmen will have a silver/grey vest with tie. I am so happy he loves the outfits!!! I've also included a pic of the bridesmaid dresses, just picture them in navy blue! back of the dress
so cute!

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Christina said...

oh my goodness!! that's so frustrating about the lady hitting you.... grrrrr..... i'm glad Dustin was there to be a support and calming presence!

i'm loving all that i'm seeing for your wedding ;) it's just gorgeous!