Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wearing White by Candle Light

I booked Roseville Bakery! I'm really excited to have a huge cake. The round base will be 18 inches, 5 tiers total. Woo-hoo! I don't have to give her any details about it until the week of the wedding if I don't want to (but I do...) so thats just one less thing for me to have to think about right now! Aaron Johnson called to confirm that his band CAN and WILL play for our "punch and hor'durve" hour (sp?) and into the reception, so that is awesome! Another thing I don't have to worry about for now.
I have an appointment with Diane from Crystal Lake Catering on Monday, Dec 1st to look at china and measure the chairs at church for the chair covers... that will be fun I think! AND I got a call from Rush's Bridal today saying that my veil is in and I can pick it up! WOW! Its starting to feel more real now! I can't wait for my dress to get in too!

One vision I have for the ceremony is to have candles EVERYWHERE on the stage and on the choir loft area. I've been doing some research online for deals on votives and votive holders and I think I found some good stuff! Candles for Less can get me 72 candles and holders for $36.99, thats about $0.51 each! They are clear glass holders and white votives. I want the stage to glow! I think i'm going to order a few cases of those soon. Two cases for sure, probably 3, or even possibly 4 cases... I have no idea what it will look like all spaced out on the stage and riser area. I'll have to test it out after I order a case.

Almost all of my bridesmaids have ordered their dresses... I'm checking on the last one :) The order is due by December first, so hopefully that all gets taken care of. Dustin, the dads, and Brent and Tyler are going to Savvi Formalwear on Saturday to get measured for their tux and so they can feel more involved and check everything out. I hope that is a good guy bonding time for them. I'm so happy Dustin finally found one he loves! Its a brand new Calvin Klien that is a light grey, almost silver tux. Its going to look AWESOME! Dustin looked so hot when he tried it on last week!

STILL trying to find time to work on the guest list.... ugh. OH, I finally got all my engagement photos from Sewell Photography! Check them out HERE. You can look at the slideshow and then click the little "shopping cart" when you are done to see some additional photos that werent in the slideshow. I have to pick our 35 or so photos for my photo book Jennie is making for us.
So much to do, 207 days to do it all! I'm loving it!

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Christina said...

love it!!! just looked at your engagement pictures, there are sooooo many adorable pictures!! i love the one you chose for your blog :) i enjoy hearing about all your planning, sounds like you are doing fabulous, but i'm not surprised, you are so well organized!! oooh i wish i could be there in person...