Friday, December 5, 2008

197 Days to Go! Linnens, China, Chair Covers!

I got an email from Jennie Sewell today saying she is going to burn three pictures of us to a disc so that I can make some save-the-dates or use them for the invites! I picked my three favorites. I really just want to get more accomplished, but I feel like i'm at a stand still right now. When I get the photo disc, I think i'm going to print some off and frame them and give them to our parents for part of their Christmas gift too. They would probably appreciate that. I don't get the rest of the images until after the wedding... it will all come together with the wedding package. Not ideal for the e-pics, but I can live with that! Jennie has been awesome to work with, I highly recommend her.

Dustin started asking his parents about the rehersal dinner, so thats good. I don't really even care where we go, I just know it will be so fun because we will be with all the people we care about (well, a large group of them). He also booked our honeymoon flights, so thats good... now he just has to figure out where we are staying the night of the wedding. I don't get to know ANY OF IT by the way... its all a surprise. The only thing I know is that were going out of the country to a beach place... and I have to pack a nice dress. I am pretty sure we arent going on a cruise cuz he is worried one of us would get sea sick, he doesn't want that on our honeymoon ;)

On Monday mom and I went to Midway Party Rental with our caterer Diane to look at china and linnen options. I saw one that I loved and will totally fit with our wedding theme!! A small picture is below. I liked this because its so elegant, and it goes with the grey tuxs the guys will be wearing!

I also looked at chair covers and linnens. I think we will be going with an ivory satin chair cover with ivory satin napkins to match. It doesn't look like traditional ivory, its just not stark white. Which is fine because my dress isn't bright white either... the material is naturally only available in its natural color. The table linnens will be a silver pin-tuck style, which looks so great with the plates!

We did a sample setting of how a table would look and it was AWESOME! Super classy and different than most weddings i've been to... which is just what I want! The fuscia roses as a centerpiece will totally bring the right amount of bright color to make everything just pop and fit! Were waiting for a price quote from them now... not gunna lie, i'm a little nervous about that! I know for sure we will do the chair covers... and the linnens. Pretty sure we will do the china too, but if not I can handle the church's boring white stuff.

Well, thats all for now! I will update more when I know more!


Rachel said...

oh, linds!! i love keeping up with your thoughts and decisions on this whole thing. yet it does seem like a daunting task for my future wedding. i don't look forward to it b/c i don't have the same enthusiasm and passion for these things as you. that's why i'm sure i'll be utilizing your's and Christina's expertise when it's my turn. ;) love you!!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Rach, I'd love to help you when its your turn! I think its been a blast... the stressful part is the money part.. paying for all the nice things :) ha. Well, working it all so it fits in the budget anyways. love you! were coming to the Avenue party on saturday!