Monday, December 8, 2008

Wedding Budget

WELL, I got the quote for the food and decor portion of the wedding..... I took a deep breath before I opened the email attachment. I should have taken two breaths. I can tell you right now that we are going to have to make some changes..... wow! Pretty sure we won't be having the glass beaded charger plates, or the cake plates. We can use the church's for that I think. The food and decor quote they gave us was over 90% of our total budget :-(

I havent even picked out invitations yet, or little odds and ends like name place holders and other decorative stuff that i'm sure will begin to accumulate quickly. All this doesn't include the band (which isn't super expensive, but still...) or my hair or makeup, or nail expenses. Or the cake. It all adds up so quick. I'm going to have to have a big meeting with the parents to discuss our options soon.

The hard part is that all of these costs would go down dramatically if we didnt have so many great friends between both of our families! How do you put a price tag on precious people????? Thats my struggle right now. The quote is for our max final guest count of 400 ppl. I wonder if mom and dad are going to make us cut more. Ugh. THIS is the hard part of wedding planning.


Natalie said...

well.. chop off the nail expense. Lets call it your Wedding present.. any manicures from now til the wedding. To get them to there absolute best. And then I get to see you too!

Lindsay said...

Ha NO way Natalie, you are too sweet! I really didnt mean it to sound like that... its a minor thing. My parents are more than ok with spending money on my nails... especially when you do them!

Can we find a night the week of the wedding to have the bridesmaids over for a fun night to get nails done too? (or whoever of them wants to). I know they want to do that and it would be fun just to have them painted and hang out with girl time. We can discuss later! Let me know your rates for that so I can tell the girls... email me at