Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Invitations & House Hunting!

After I got home from work last night (it took me an hour and a half with all the snow we got!) mom and I talked a lot about wedding stuff. We finally went over the guest list again and were able to narrow it down a bit more. I asked Dustin to look over it once more again with his family. We are pretty much finished with it now! Yes!

I also ordered a few sample invitations... the ones pictured on the left are from finestationary.com and hopefully they arrive soon! I've been looking for more classic invites to match the feel for the rest of the wedding. Something with blue, gray or silver, or just white/ivory. Figuring out the invitations has been difficult for me for some reason... I still need to look at more options and order more samples.
I considered designing my own, because that would just be awesome, but I also realize that I would be way too self critical and would stress and obsess about them for no good reason. Therefore, were going to just order them from somewhere. I like the pocketfold invitation style, and am not a HUGE fan of bows (one of these has a bow, but I still like it), so we will see what happens!

We also talked about the quote we got from the caterer and rental company.... and I was surprised at her reaction! It seems that we may get to have it all anyways! (probably minus the chargers...) Maybe even the really cool "lounge area" idea... we'll just see! I think a lot of it depends on the mood my dad is in :) I am so blessed!

On a side note, I would just like to say that I LOVE Dustin so very much. Wow, he just amazes me. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him! On Sunday we looked at two houses...we just drove by and saw open house signs and went in. It really hit me for the first time that we will actually be home owners in less than 6 months!!! I got so super excited. We are going to look at more this coming Sunday too. Interest rates just jumped down to 4.5%, so that is AMAZING, a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially for first time home buyers!


Natalie said...

U30? .. I work every other thursday night. and i never have hayden on thursday nights cause that is one of Ben's nights. If I work I get off at 9. Always up for something new to do!

Lindsay said...

we play games at Andrew and Julie Vargas's house... "Under 30" is what it stands for. its the 2nd and 4th thursdays of the month.

Christina said...

I missed your pole on invitations. I LOVE the upper right picture with the silver ribbon, LOVE it! I wish I could be there to go over details with you, that's my kind of thing!!