Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am taking the day off to pick up my wedding dress!! I can't wait to try on MY dress! I am also going to look at veils while i'm there. Here are some things I hope to accomplish at some point tomorrow...its ambitious:

  1. Pick up my dress from Rush's Bridal
  2. Find a veil and order it
  3. Look for and purchase shoes to wear with my wedding dress
  4. Work out
  5. Talk with Chris Rausch about the video
  6. Visit my local Archivers store and experiment with making table numbers for the reception
  7. Pick out and start scanning 50 of my baby pics for our wedding video that Dustin is making
  8. Call the alterations lady and make my first appointment for my dress fitting
  9. See my new baby cousin Grady!
  10. Call Susan Anderson from church to make sure she emails me the table details so I can send them to our linnen rental company!

I also updated our Wedding Web Page and keep checking to see if anyone new has signed the guest book since I sent out the save the dates, but no one has yet :-( Oh well. At least the site looks good in my opinion!!


Rachel said...

I got your save the date today!! So excited...even though I have the date memorized. ;) I recently received another save the date that was very different and kind of confusing. I love your elegant but simple and classic postcard!

Jamie Willow said...

do you read my sister in law's blog? you would probably like it. anyhow, she posted a link today to a web site with tons of great pictures of wedding things...
and Ashley's blog addy is she posted a few cute shoe pictures. since you are going shoe shopping it might inspire you :)

Christina said...

You are so organized and well planned! and you make the time to blog about it, you still amaze me!

can't wait to hear about your veil...

and your shoes!