Tuesday, February 3, 2009

House Hunting

I thought i'd fill you all in with this. We actually found a house we really LOVED last Saturday. It was foreclosed, but only needed cosmetic improvements like carpet, appliances, and paint. The floorplan was perfect.

I just found out today that someone else put an offer on the house and the bank accepted it. I feel pretty bummed right now. I was already picturing us living in that house and thinking about colors... I got way ahead of myself. SO, now we are back to looking again and its making me realize that as soon as we find one that is just as good or better, we need to be fast with the offer!

My fear is that my brain and emotions are going to be stubborn and refuse to like anything else that I see. That is how I am feeling right now anyways. I know that the house was just not meant for us I guess... otherwise it wouldnt have been taken off the market. I know God has something out there for us. I guess I just need to trust and be patient (something I ALWAYS seem to be working on!). Only 137 more days!

PS. I picked up my dress and it fits really well!!! AND I ordered a new veil that I love!! AND I ordered those J.Crew blue satin peep toe shoes I fell in love with!! I tracked them down across the united states :-) Where there is a will, there is a way!

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Christina said...

hmm... I know I just talked to you on gchat, but this was a great blog to read at this very moment! Prior to reading this, I had just got done skyping with my dad and I told him there is an area that I am struggling to trust God with right now... even though I see his faithfulness thus far, and He has ALWAYS given me more than I could have wanted or dreamed of! Oh we mere humans of little faith... God is smiling at us, loving us in our humanness!! He still loves us sooo much! His love amazes me!

This is a good reminder, that no matter what stage/phase we are at in life, we will always battle trusting God. So the sooner we learn complete dependence upon God the better off we will be... I'm learning that and struggling with that right now!!

and I do remember seeing the shoes on your blog :) I'm so glad you tracked them down across the US to get them!! They will be perfect!