Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Update: Dates & Houses

I just want you all to know I had an amazing weekend. No super particular weekend, but it was just awesome! Friday after work I met Dustin at Lifetime Fitness and we worked out (my jeans are officially tighter after my trip to an all inclusive resort earlier this month... boo.) Then we ate lots of Chinese food (so much for working out...) and watched Survivor Man. That is one of our favorite DVR shows to watch together.

Saturday... I slept til 10 AM!! Then I had a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats (my favorite!) and got all of Dustin's side of the guest list done as far as save-the-dates. I havent even touched mine yet :-( Turns out it takes longer than I thought because I found myself checking and re-checking to make sure I spelled things right. At least I got 1/2 of them done though!

Dustin took me out on a date that afternoon too... we went to the Minnesota History Museum in Minneapolis, right by the Art Museum. I had never been there and I thought it was really cool! They had an exhibit about shoes! That one was my favorite :-) (Christina, I thought of you!)

THEN, we picked up a new game for us to play called "Family Business". It was really fun... its a card game where you pick out your own "mob family" and try to eliminate your opponents mobsters. I am quite skilled in this game :)

Sunday after church we did our marriage class homework at Chipoltle and then met our realtor (Kevin Norwood) at his office in Lakeville. He took us around and we looked at 5 different houses to give us an idea for many different types of layouts and architectural style. We don't want to buy any of the ones we saw, but it helps to narrow down our selection to more of what we are looking for when we go out again next Saturday.


Jamie Willow said...

buying a house is a big deal so make sure you absolutely LOVE whatever you finally buy...and take your time and be as picky as you will be fun to see what you guys finally settle on! good luck!

Lindsay said...

Thank you jamie! I will for sure keep updating everyone. I am excited to look at houses all afternoon on Saturday!

Christina said...
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Christina said...

I just love hearing about your life ;) you have lots of quality time with the people you love dearly!! i especially like hearing about all the fun and interesting things you and Dustin find to do on your dates :) and you are right, I would have LOVED the exhibit on shoes!! oh man... that makes me miss my closet of shoes back home... i walked by a store today with some cranberry-red patent crocodile heels that also made me wish i had some HEELS here! but it's not practical walking a lot and in the cobblestone streets! (i just realized I do have maroon heeled rain boots that I am borrowing) Instead of shoes, i am now collecting hats and scarves as my accessories to an outfit!