Monday, February 23, 2009

117 days

I bought Dustin's wedding band this weekend, picked up the bridesmaid dresses from Rush's, started registering at Bed Bath & Beyond, picked out the bridesmaid's shoes, and worked more on the wedding video with Dustin. It was an accomplishing weekend.

Amber tried on her dress and it is so cute! Its just a teensy bit long... ha. Amber, Alanna, and Sondra have their dresses. Now I just have to make sure that I give Brie her dress tonight, and make sure Kelsey and Rach get theirs soon as well. Jennifer's dress is getting shipped to her since she is in Tennessee.

I need to do the DIY projects I talked about a while back, I havent STARTED any of those at all:

  • Programs
  • Table Numbers
  • Card Box
  • Aisle runner monogram
  • Unity candle stuff
  • Organize the guest list so its ready to be sent to the printing store (Mr. & Mrs. So and So... etc)
  • Initials display
  • Memory table

I guess we'll see what I get to. If I don't do some of these things, my life will still be complete and I won't freak out. This is just what I WANT to do. I need to do it soon though before all the house stuff comes together because then I think my priority will be more on the house stuff and getting stuff moved and organized.

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