Friday, March 27, 2009

More House Information... Good News!

I havent posted in a while, part of me was actually sick of it, too crazy in my world right now. Anyways, yesterday we got really good news. The bank actually accepted our offer on the house!! It was structured a lot differently than we ever expected to place an offer though.

Lets just say that my mom and dad are SO AMAZING, WONDERFUL, HELPFUL, and GENEROUS! Because I don't have a job right now, we werent qualified to buy the house ourselves anymore. We worked out an arrangement with my dad that we would take over everything once I get a job again, and we will "rent" from him in the mean time.

I really believe that this house is supposed to be ours because the bank could have easily chosen a different offer that was $6,000 more than ours was! This will be confirmed once we hear back about the inspection on the house. Everything is contingent upon that at the moment. If there is something wrong with the house, we don't have to follow through with the purchase if we don't want to.

The house DOES need a bunch of cosmetic work, but Dustin and I have a great vision for it! We are so excited to do lots of the projects together and make it OUR house!

I really needed this good news, everything seems to be so discouraging to me lately. I am trying so hard to see all the positive, but this gloomy weather doesn't help one bit! The bright side is this: I am getting married to the man of my dreams in 85 days, and it looks like we have a place to live! YaY!


Jamie Willow said...

very cool. You will have so much fun putting your stamp onto the home, making it all yours. yay!

(not sure you should post your addy on the net...not that you have any stalkers yet but you never know...)

Lindsay said...

ohhh good poing jamie!! i didnt even think about that :)

Christina said...

Yaaaaay!!! That's very good news in the midst of uncertain times!!! God provides in so many ways, and he sometimes uses those who are closest to us, like our parents, to bless us!! Sometimes he uses those we don't know... He does have unlimited resources! I'm glad you're focusing on the positives right now, trusting that God truly is in control and LOVES you soo much and he always intends good for you.... sometimes it is the trials that are good for us because that produces even more character and perseverance (James 1 is a great reminder). In time, you will use this to teach others of God's goodness!! I am so excited to see the process as it continues...what a wonderfully messy and beautiful journey this life is!! i can't even begin to imagine heaven... but until then there's so much life to live and be grateful for!!