Monday, March 30, 2009


This is a wating period in my life. I am waiting for a job, waiting on God. I am really trying to figure out and see what it is I am supposed to do, and trusting in the mean time. IN that time, i've been pursuing a hobby that I love, graphic design. I created another blog to put my creations in, so this one still stays focused on becoming Lindsay May and wedding planning.

We are still waiting to find out about the inspection and when that will take place, as of today, it seems it will be Friday. I am looking forward to it becuase we will get to go inside the house again, and then hopefully we can take measurements of rooms, etc.

Dustin and I got appliances yesterday at Sears... he wanted to open a card because they were having a deal where you can get 30% off, and it was the only day we could get an awesome deal on good stuff for the house. We can still cancel it (delivery date is set to the first week in June) if we end up deciding against buying the house depending on the inspection outcome. Anyways, it was fun to do (not to mention expensive!) But its stuff we need! We also looked at paint samples! Exciting times.

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