Sunday, April 26, 2009

GOOD House Update!

For those who havent heard, we have some good news on the house we are in the process of buying! We FINALLY heard back from the house's bank!! It turns out that their office was moving across the country and there were like 9 other houses waiting on paperwork before ours.... but ya think they could have told us all that rather than keep us in the dark!

Basically, the bank got OUR bank and realtor the papers so we can go ahead and get the inspection... which will happen between Monday and Wednesday of this week. I cannot wait to get in the house again and look around! I really hope there isnt anything majorly wrong with the house... like mold or a foundation issue. That would be a bummer. BUT, i'm just hoping for the best!

I also want to bring a tape measure to measure the room dimensions for carpet, paint supplies, and appliances so we can plan ahead for some major work to be done after we close (which is scheduled for May 25 as long as all goes well).

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Christina said...

Yay!! That's good news!! I hope all goes well for the sake of time too!! It has been quite the process!! Too bad the bank couldn't communicate... but ah well, such is life sometimes!