Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, we still are waiting to get an inspection on the house... a little frustrating that its taking so long, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is what happens when its foreclosed. Dustin and I also had our second counseling session with Ryan Skoog on Friday night, that was so great! I am so excited that Ryan is going to marry us. We really enjoyed our time with him and Rach this weekend, they are always so refreshing! Great mentor and role models for us!

Dustin also decided to put his Mustang up for sale this weekend. He says he wants a more practical car and one that is less expensive. SO.... anyone know of anyone who wants a great looking 2007 sports car? I am a little sad that he is selling it actually. I told him he can get another one down the road if he wants, he keeps saying this is the responsible thing to do. His insurance each month is ridiculous.

I am still looking for a job... sending out my resume EVERYWHERE and trying to network with as many people as possible. It is frustrating because I keep hearing of more and more people that are laid off just like me. I am just believing that something will come together one of these days!

AND, Amber and Greg finally let the word out that they are expecting a baby!! I am so excited for them, they will be such great parents. Baby is due end of October, beginning of November I believe.

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Jamie Willow said...

selling his car is a very grown up move. way to go Dustin! decisions made when single are good for single's good he's thinking like a husband and a leader. you are one lucky woman!

praying a job comes your way!!!!