Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday Season!

Today is Dustin's birthday and i'm waiting for him to get home right now. We didnt get to really celebrate today since he is at a work dinner right now (at a really nice steak house!) so we are going to celebrate on Saturday.

This morning I got up when his alarm went off (at 5:30am) and got him his usual morning cup of coffee, then I made him scrambled eggs with onions for breakfast. When I got off work at 12:30, I stopped by his office over his lunch our to spend a little time together. Right now i'm just waiting for him to get home. He really doesn't think birthdays are a big deal at all, so he thinks I blow things way out of proportion with expectations for birthdays. I love to celebrate other people's birthdays and try to make them feel extra special and show my appreciation.

SOO, on Saturday i'll be cooking him a big birthday dinner! Probably scallops and garlic mashed potatoes; some of his most favorite food! I am excited for that. I know he will love it! Its going to be a good weekend. Friday we are helping with a lifegroup event for some Jr. High students, Saturday were celebrating, and on Sunday we are celebrating with my parents and then hangin out with the Skoogs at an orchard! I can't wait!

Life is so good!

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