Monday, September 7, 2009

Stalling Again...

Why is it that when I should just go to bed and get some good rest for the day ahead of me I find every possible excuse to keep myself busy and distracted with meaningless tasks?? I just looked at about every photo album posted on facebook within the last few days, caught myself daydreaming, and THINKING about how I should have finished up the laundry and ironing today.

Another thing thats been on my mind is that I need a good goal. A fitness one that is. Before the wedding, I had no problem working out 5 times per week to get in the best shape of my life. Now, my pants are feeling a little tighter each day (AAAHHHHHH!!) and I am panicking because I gave away all my larger pant sizes to my new sis-in-laws who recently had babies. Its time for me to kick it back into high gear and get into a routine again.

To help me get motivated again, I told Dustin that all I want for my birthday this year is new workout clothes. Somehow its much easier to work out and sweat a lot when you feel cute doing it. We decided we could pick out our own gifts this year.... after Dustin researched for weeks on a BOSCH power drill he found on eBay. It is now sitting in our garage and he wants me to wrap it up for him to open on his birthday (Sept 9th).

Back to the workout thing.... I did manage to get in some good exercise on our road trip to South Dakota this weekend! We hiked in Custer State Park, and also in the Black Hills. It was a blast! Here is a link to the photos on my facebook page (along with a few other random events from the summer).

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