Friday, January 15, 2010

Behind The Scene Wedding Memories!

Me... trying to keep my veil from flying out of my hair or getting stuck on a pebble on the ground :-)

My girls...waiting for photos under the shade of the bridge... man that was a HOT day!

Meeting the people in the tent behind us at Centennial Lakes, they told us, "you are the best thing that happened to us today!" as we walked past! ha. 

Going over my lines with our Pastor before the ceremony!! Talk about nervous!!

Conversation with my mother-in-law:
Pam: "How are you doing, Lindsay?"
Lindsay: "Good...... although I do have to pee a little"
Pam: "Oh my goodness girl, go to the bathroom then!"
Lindsay: "I don't want to because I will have to take my whole dress off!"
Pam sneaks off..... and comes back with three of my bridesmaids to pull me to the bathroom.  Thank goodness she did, I WOULD HAVE gone to the bathroom right down the aisle! Ha!

Top Things I Remember From My Wedding Day:
  1. Brent drove me to the church and dropped me off....then he went to pick up the communion bread
  2. I hardly ate anything all morning for fear of getting sick.  I think I had a banana and water, maybe part of a bagel
  3. Everyone was wonderful! None of my bridesmaids would tell me what time it was :-)
  4. I almost sobbed right before I went to see Dustin for the first time
  5. ALL of my worries went away after Dustin & I saw eachother
  6. I loved my hair and makeup
  7. I only wore my really expensive blue shoes for an hour... sorry mom! ha.
  8. I'd never seen our sanctuary look better than it did that day :-)
  9. I wish I hugged my dad after he gave me away :-(  After watching the video, I realized I didn't.  I'm really bummed about that
  10. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! I could not stop smiling!!!


Ria Thurston said...

Hi Lindsay :) I loved this post! Fabulous pictures and great memories. I gave you a blog "award" - I love reading your blog daily!

Lindsay said...

Thank you Ria! I enjoy reading yours as well!

Lindsey said...

You were such a gorgeous bride!! Love your blog, you have a new reader!

T-Charry said...

you were BEAUTIFUL of the happiest AND hottest days of your life =)