Monday, January 18, 2010

If You Need Motivation...

I've got some free 7 day passes to Lifetime Fitness in Lakeville, Minnesota! Seriously, I have a ton of them.  So if you want one (or two, or three) let me know! I gave them away to everyone at SHE last night because I had to give away one of my favorite things... sorta Oprah style if you will :-) 

ANYWAYS, D & I had a great weekend! Busy, but fun.  Friday night we decided to go get a coffee at Barnes & Noble and "study" as Dustin calls it.  I had to work on some stuff for Bridging The Gap, and Dustin wanted to study his finance theorists.  So we sit at one of those cute tables and work/read and talk a little about interesting things we are finding throughout the night.  Some ppl may find that odd, but we really enjoy it.  THEN we came back home and watched CAST AWAY (which is probably my motivation for changing my blog background!)

Saturday night we went ice skating at Centennial Lakes, that was fun!  Although I had real issues finding the right skates.  I had to rent them and I don't think I will do that again.  I kept getting grossed out because the skates were cold and wet...and I kept worrying that the wetness was from sweaty feet rather than snow that melted.... I was grossed out.  I am so thankful to have a sweet and PATIENT husband who pressed on until I found skates I could deal with :-)

And of course..... the 2 hour premier of 24 was on last night..... :-) That always makes me smile...and my heart jump out of my body! ha.  Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay!!! I'm glad you found me! Nice Blog!!! I love your VLOGs! Hope you have a Great Day!!!

Christina said...

super cute fun!! you still have dates as a married couple, love it ;) It is so sweet how Dustin loves to take care of you!! i love the new background too...makes me want some warmer weather!