Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I may be a little nerdy, but I always get so excited when I have a new follower of my blog :) Ashley Collins, thank you for making me push my cyber geek glasses further up the ridge of my nose (I hope you all visualized that correctly). Ashley, get a good tan for me, I need to start tanning NOW for my wedding since tanning booths don't seem to have much of an affect on me (other than that I occasionally burn).

Well well well, I have once again crossed a few days closer to the biggest day of my life by putting a few check marks on the ol' college rule spiral notebook paper that attaches itself to my purse everywhere I go... it literally does not leave me alone. What exactly did I accomplish?

  • walked around in my blue satin beauties (my shoes) and confirmed that I WILL in fact need foot inserts. I am wondering when the nightmares will start of me tripping down the isle (sp? that does not look right) and me ripping my dress only to expose my something blue underthings

  • Organized my guest list... only to realize that I still need to organize more

  • I got my invitation proof by email today, yay!

  • Ordered the silver coin customized chocolate pieces yesterday

  • Sent Amber my MOH a list of all the girls in the wedding party

  • Addressed another save the date card

  • Found a beautiful dress for my non-flower girl ring bearor attendant, Larissa

  • Mailed in a check to renew my license plate tabs

Unfortunately I have a lot to add to my list, but its getting down to the details now! Only 130 more days! Dustin & I are looking at two more houses tonight after work, i'll let you know what we think of them tomorrow. These ones are located in Lakeville and Savage and I believe are both bank owned.


Jamie Willow said...

it's Aisle :) isle is like for an island.

good job keeping up on your list and good luck again with the house search!

Ashley Heather said...

Lindsay I love how excited me becoming one of your followers has made you! Its definately exciting to see that someone else enjoys reading your blog as much as I"m sure you enjoy writing it. Love reading the blog!